A simple system to assemble and fast maintenance. The filter IDEA SYSTEM is a filtering device for grinding machines that can treat up to 1000 lenses without changing the filters, and the water remains clean. A reliable, easy to use, small, economical and environmentally friendly. The main advantages of this filtering system:

Contained dimensions
You can put Idea into the recycling tank of the edger. Is no necessary any modification of the table of the edger. Are lightweight and easy to move.

Maximum filtering capacity
Many type of filters: from 500 to 2000 lenses. Many sets of filters for easy maintenance.

No maintenance
Is no necessary that you stopped your edger when you change the filters.

Choose the model that suits you: GHOST, DUO, IDEA, PLAST 2 PLAST 4, DOUBLE, Modula 2, Modula 3.

logocooplamusaCooperativa Sociale La Musa – Onlus is authorized distributor of Nava Ltd. products for the North Italy and abroad.

Maximum semplicity and robustness
Highest quality components handmade product to ensure maximum accuracy in each construction phase no electronic part subject to possible malfunctions.

The only one that filters the water during the edger works
The edger works with clean water for all the time.

All you need is “IDEA”

We product filtering system from customer’s items list, because every customer must to be satisfied.

Examples of application of the IDEA system show the improvement of the working environment and proper disposal.




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